The Future of Petrochemicals in a Sustainable World

This session will attempt to portray the importance of petrochemicals adhering to all legislative requirements on sustainability. In the past, petrochemicals helped catalysed great advances being achieved in life sciences, health care, mobility, technology, innovations, creativity in all of its goodness but at the expense of the environmental health, with its carbon emissions contributing to global warming issues leading to extreme climate changes.

Presently, there is an urgent need to zero-rise the impacts of carbon emissions on the environment. Producers must reverse and diminish the carbon emissions through investments in renewable energies, securing new uses of CO2, carbon capture utilisations and its storage, and use of carbon offset/carbon credits as some forms of the solution. The challenge is greater for petrochemicals as carbon footprints are inherent in its core existence.

Going forward, a common pathway for petrochemical players residing throughout its value & supply chains, need to be identified. Critical initiatives to be timely implemented to meet Net-Zero emission by 2050. The Panellists would deliberate through an elevated view of the challenges posed by decarbonization of operations, how to tackle the key elements of costs, profitability, and resources. To consider existing and forward-looking strategic initiatives in ensuring that green products free of export levy, are being produced without adding more emitted carbon. Solutions are complemented by industry-ready and upskilled manpower, availability of attractive funding for new sustainable investments, and having a reliable carbon trading platform. In short, strategizing on how to arrive to a state of “Future-Ready Petrochemicals”.


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